Healing Modalities - Zakir Mahomedy

Intimacy is an emotional connection between two people having a mutual craving to share each other’s deepest desires, feelings and thoughts. Intimate relationships are based on mutual understanding, trust, acceptance, and concern.

Being intimate with another person is an innate part of human sexuality. We are blessed with the power to love, trust, nurture, and care for other humans in both emotional and sexual relationships. The first lesson of intimacy begins at home, with those around us from our childhood, in families, amongst friends, and eventually in partners.

Through becoming happy and comfortable with yourself, one can express feelings of intimacy in a more freeing way. It is through nurturing the mind, body and spirit first that healthy foundations can be formed in relationships. With guidance, you can open yourself up to the process and overcome any fears and misconceptions surrounding intimacy.

By exploring both sexuality and sensuality, you can discover that sexual energy is not just reserved for a great sex life, but also fuels various other parts of life, such as career, mental health, physical wellbeing, and other mundane activities like cooking, cleaning, painting, and craftwork. It all depends on how you harness the power of this potent energy and channelize the energy in the right direction.

BodyTalk is a holistic healthcare modality that promotes a balanced body and mind. The modality emphasizes working with the body’s priority to address different conditions on an emotional, energetic, mental and physical level.

BodyTalk practitioners are trained to interact with people and pass on their innate wisdom of the body to establish total balance. As a result, the body gains its capacity to repair itself. We are equipped to work with awareness gained from individual client’s health questionnaire as well as their feedback.

People having physical or emotional stress have different symptoms. We view symptoms as the tip of the iceberg, whereas the cause of the condition could be something grave. As BodyTalk professionals, we look at the underlying cause of a disease and prepare a detailed treatment plan. Our sessions are not just about diagnosing a problem and prescribing treatment followed by prognosis. Rather, we emphasize holistic healing for better life and wellbeing. We focus on helping you to create your own support system naturally.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is one of the most influential techniques involving human experience. It encompasses neurology, language, and programming, and delivers fine results.

The neurological system is responsible for regulating human bodily functions; language enables us to interact and communicate with others; programming determines different worldly models we create. Thus, NLP involves the fundamental dynamics between the mind, language, and how they interplay and affect the body as well as behavior. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is not about about skills, excellence, and competence, but about a vision and wisdom.

The Consciousness BAR  has 32 points on the head, holding energetic charges of ideas, thoughts, beliefs, considerations, and emotions that human beings imbibe and store in their lifetime. When gently touched on the head, these BARS activate. Holding each set of BARS for a period of up to 10 minutes gives a euphoric feeling. When the BARS are activated and they start running, you may even become aware of energy moving through the body or you might feel the need to sleep.

By making the BARS run, you free up the stagnant energy in the body and start feeling lighter and easier with life. It is the best way to get rid of all toxicity that you were collecting all through your life. It’s a way of mental cleaning and healing.