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Energy Orgasms

A Journey Of Rediscovery in Your Relationship
February 18, 2019

Energy Orgasms

Orgasm is a concept that naturally existed even in ancient times. It was the innate nature of human lives to live in an orgasmic energy. Humans are ready to have easy access to different types of orgasms such as energy orgasm and hands-free orgasm, which does not require any physical form of contact but still inspires touch in a new way.

Energy Orgasm – What is it?

Energy orgasm is not something limited to a couple of minutes and to your genitals. It is, rather, the best feeling that radiates bliss out of your body, having a greater magnitude in all your organs, including the heart, stomach, throat, and your very existence. An energy orgasm can last for hours too.

To experience energy orgasm, you need not take off your clothes. You can still feel the same or even greater magnitude of euphoria through energy transmission.

How does Energy Orgasm help?

Energy orgasm is the most powerful tool for sexual healing. It is one of the purest forms of alchemies, I can think of. Aiming to achieve this type of orgasm nourishes positivity and encourages energy flow to heal the sexual trauma of the past, low self-esteem, shame, negative body image, and disconnected body.

With every energy orgasm, the body clears itself off repressed emotions, blocks, and wounds of the past. It helps you to bounce back to life, have a positive outlook, feel energetic and relaxed at the same time.

Energy orgasm also plays a key role. It helps pre-orgasmic men and women to become genitally orgasmic and ensures genitally orgasmic men and women become multi-orgasmic. It also makes sex more fulfilling, gives an ecstatic feeling, and ensures mental and physical wellbeing. Moreover, sex is safe and free from all kinds of harmful addictions.

Energy orgasm also has a spiritual side to it; it gives a sense of creating a rush through the body, surpassing the body and mind, to remind you of who you are within and beyond the real world. The feeling is incredible, sometimes strong, yet subtle and wonderful.

As you, invest more time to build this energy, powerful sensations manifest. You may even experience electric current shooting through the body and hands, lips tingling, and the sense of receiving and releasing at the same time. The feeling is euphoric, very high with lightheadedness and happiness. In fact, the feeling is quite unlike a genital orgasm, though both may occur at the same time. It either may feel sexual or may not.

Energy orgasm has many variations, just as genital orgasms. No two persons may have the same kind of feeling.

Steps to Become Orgasmic

To have this kind of incredible energy orgasm, it is not necessary to have a partner or take off your clothes. Even though it becomes easier if you practice it with a partner, it does not matter if you do it alone. The steps mentioned below can help a receiver to come closer to energy orgasm experience.

Step#1: Breathing Technique

Slow and shallow, conscious breathing is the first step to achieve energy orgasm. You have to start feeling your breath by expanding your lings as you create an imaginative space in the body.

Step#2: Moan

Sighing and moaning sound as you exhale can kick-start the channel of moving energy in the body, thus leading you to an energy orgasmic experience.

Step#3: Sense

Have a deep sense of yourself, feel yourself, turn inwards to yourself, and allow your body to relax. Let go of everything that holds you down and releases stress or tension.

Get ready to explore

Simple methods can lead you to an invigorating experience of energy orgasm. I can help you to create your own foundation and increase the orgasmic energy experience in your body as well as in your life. As you embark into this new experience, you enter into an entirely new magical realm of life.

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