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Tantra Sacred Massage

Explore the Magic of Tantra Sacred Massage

Have you heard about tantra sacred massage in Durban? It is a term used for erotic massages designed to create a sense of intimacy between partners. The concept revolves around the ability of an individual to completely let go and surrender to another person who will be equally inclined to give and receive unconditionally. You can now learn the power of tantra in Durban from renowned NLP Lifestyle coach Zakir Mahomedy.

Tantra massage in Durban is an ideal way of exploring the sexual energy as a creative force in your life. It not only helps to synchronize your priorities with the things you want and long, but it also helps to release old patterns from the body.

How Does Tantra Sacred Massage Work?

If you are looking for tantra in Durban, get in touch with us to learn this unique method. Different types of techniques are incorporated in tantra and it has elements from yoga, sexual therapy and bioenergetics. The receiver of the massage does not act as a giver. Rather, his or her duty is to completely surrender to the process of rediscovering one’s senses. It creates a deep feeling of well-being and includes advanced relaxation therapies to completely soothe your senses.

Tantra sacred massage helps to resolve relationship issues, sexual traumas, problems and issues associated with self-esteem. It gives the strength to rediscover your senses through a technique that deeply connects with the inner-self.

Enjoy the Power of Tantra in Durban

People who attend tantra sacred massage sessions and workshops conducted by Zakir Mahomedy, take part in a string of meditations and exercises designed to bring about a sense of complete relaxation. It opens up the body for orgasmic energy and this, in turn, allows healing powers to permeate your body.
Suitable for married couples and new lovers, this massage can successfully resolve any issues in your relationship. Its healing powers help couples to enjoy deeper meanings of their relationship. It also increases their ability to experience pleasure together.

Conscious touch often releases clogged up feelings. It makes people realize the beauty of feelings. To experience the feelings of vulnerability, ecstasy and pleasure with your partner, you need to experience a meaningful session of tantra in Durban with us. The experience not only brings two people closer, but it also creates a sense of safety in yourself as a person.

If you want to indulge in a mesmerizing session of tantra sacred massage in Durban, get in touch with me. I am a professional NLP Lifestyle coach who can help to rediscover yourself. Whether you are looking to improve your passion for life or explore new dimensions of sensual intimacy, get in touch with me at +27(0) 79 786 5257. We organize innovative sessions in Durban, focusing on individual needs and requirements.