Sex Therapist in Durban - Zakir Mahomedy

Sex Therapy

Awaken the inner subtle energies and discover expanded states of awareness.

Are you lacking vibrancy in your life? Are you stuck in your life without love, intimacy or fulfillment?

Hoping for your partner to fill the inner desire of love and bliss? Frustrated in a lack of sensual intimacy?

Are you longing for that " high” feeling of self-radiance that comes from your inner joy and being happy while attracting a different paradigm in your relationships? Have you lost that inner fire of sexual desire and Libido?

Do you want to discover the secrets of:

·         Amazing Sex and Multiple Full Body Orgasms
·         Reigniting lost intimacy
·         Gaining sensual  and sexual confidence in your body
·         Discovering the meaning of Heart-Based Sacred sexuality
.          Letting go of past traumas, shame, and guilt
Are you fed up with lackluster sex life and tired of missing out?
Learn How To Explore Your Sexuality, Experience Full Body Energy Orgasms And reach Bliss states with simple techniques.

Join Sex Therapist Coach In Durban, Zakir Mahomedy  as he teaches you simple techniques that allow you to be

fully present in your body and explore never before experienced moments of bliss states what will  expand into

the orgasmic sex life that you dream about – with or without a partner!

What is sex therapy and how can simply talking about it help your sex life? 

A sex therapist provides an opportunity for men and women to reconnect with their sensual & sexual nature by experiencing the natural flow of their energy throughout their bodies, free of any agendas and expectations in his Awaken Bliss Intimacy Transformation Program. Sex Therapy opens creates a free non-judgemental space to explore our deepest challenges around our insecurities with sexual intimacy. 

As a sex therapist, we feel comfortable about talking about sex. We help open up the arena of sexual talk with couples. We know how anxious you might feel around a taboo subject.  Most people feel uncomfortable about talking about sex, especially if there is dysfunction or something is not working. Anxiety is the number one reason people don’t pick up and call for help.  Fear of confronting the problem and discovering that they are truly not compatible is so powerful that they delay and delay feeling more hopeless every day. But most often a couple in sex therapy finds a way to feel more pleasure and more joy.   

The Awaken Bliss Program

This course is for both men, women and ideally couples who want to discover deeper intimacy and orgasmic bliss

This unique program is tailored for you over
12 weeks. We will start a journey of self-rediscovery that will open the doors to WHOLESOMENESS, JOY, and BLISS that you are looking for!

You will discover how to open the energy pathways to support heightened states of energy that can lead to sexual ecstasy and bliss.


What you will discover in The Awaken Bliss Program


This specialized form of sexual therapy, you will learn to explore your sexual energy and a transformational current to support the clearing of the emotional body.

  • How to use breath for orgasmic breathing
  • Removing conditioning around sexuality such as shame, guilt, fear, numbness, and lack of arousal or orgasms
  • Cultivate your sexual energy
  • Open the energetic body for pleasure


This is Somatic body-oriented work, coupled with insights into Sexuality and Spirituality offers you a chance to reconnect with your body & heart by allowing your LIFE FORCE energy to flow freely.   This program does not require any nudity at all. 



I been married for 13 years and I have 3 kids. My life revolved around taking care of the kids, cooking and when it was convenient, sexual intercourse with my partner.  I never felt his presence during sex and felt unappreciated as a person.  As a result, my intimacy with him faded over the years.  My partner was oblivion to both my emotional and physical needs. Sex was lacking and I couldn’t wait until it was over.  I met Zakir on his heart based transformational workshop in 2017 and decided to sign up for his Awaken Bliss program. I had no idea what the 12 week program entailed.  The program ranged from learning to be present in the body, to letting go of shame and guilt, talk therapy, and bodywork.  We explored what is keeping me in pain and how that related to my inner child and lack of expression.  Zakir uses different tools to address what was happening to me in real time. He was always in contact with me on a daily basis to make sure I am on track and to offer suggestions based on my current situation.  From day 1 I felt the energy moving in my body. It is hard to explain the feeling but this flow of energy allows me to feel lighter and free in my mind and body.  In the program, Zakir respected me, had an empathic ear and even though we were working in opening up my sexuality, sexual energy, all the bodywork was done while I was fully clothed.  The 12 weeks was a roller coaster from feeling a wide range of emotions to understanding why I kept myself away from intimacy and learning to use my sexual energy to express my own inner bliss. I will recommend Zakir Mahomedy as a sex coach and sex therapist in Durban.

Sammy – Age 35 Durban Kzn



            About Zakir Journey in Intimacy and Sacred Sexuality.

Hey, my name is Zakir.  Zakir has been on the spiritual self-development path for over 10 years. He is an international certified tantric massage therapist and has been studying different forms of healing from chigong energy medicine to hypnotherapy in Durban. Over the last 10 years, as I continued to go deeper into my own transformation in sex therapy, I have been seeking out the best methods and systems to enhance the experience of ecstasy and pleasure in the body. Thus removing stubborn beliefs as well as emotional and energetic blockages.  Today, I continue to specialize in sexuality/ sensuality in terms of healing the body and creating bliss states in people in Durban.



The Awaken Bliss Intimacy Transformation Program Details

When You embark on this personal journey with Zakir, you will be joined Zakir on a weekly basis for a 2 to half-hour session as we embark on the journey to self-rediscovery in your sexuality. The program depending on your specific needs will be tailored accordingly to achieve the results you want to.
Homework given on a weekly basis as we explore to future maximize your progress and growth.

I will also be available on What App / Skype for additional support during working hours.