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Relationship Counselling in Durban

Relationship Counselling and Couples Therapy: A New Age of Keeping Hopes Alive

Do you seek a deeper emotional connection and bonding in your relationship?
Is your relationship or marriage stressful?
Are you looking for meaningful conversations with your partner?
If all of this is bothering you and affecting your relationship, you need relationship counselling.
That is where Zakir Mahomedy, a relationship therapist in Durban, comes in.
Zakir works with couples and families, offers couples counselling and therapy, and makes families stronger. He is based in Durban. He ensures his clients:

  • Spend more time with each other
  • Value each other
  • Develop better ways of communication to strengthen their relationship
  • Like spending more time with each other and feel good about it

How does Relationship Counselling help?

Relationship counselling is a specialization of life coaching that helps people attains greater fulfillment in their relationships. The role of a relationship therapist is to set relationship goals, understand the present relationship, detect grievances, and take the relationship to the next level. Zakir is the best couples therapy coach who promised to take couples counselling to the next level. His practice in Durban has helped many couples in the past and continues to do so.

Relationship therapists also work with people who are not engaged. They work with singles with a history of the troubled relationship, having difficulty knowing what exactly they are looking for in a relationship, and how to develop a deeper connection.

Relationship Counselling and Couples Counselling

Relationship counselling or coaching is not the same as couples counselling, although the terms are interchangeably used.

A relationship therapist helps people with troubled relationships by clearing up the minds of individuals, their perspective, and setting up new goals. Contributing factors may include past relationships, childhood trauma, emotional stress, etc. However, if it is a case of a couple going through a bad patch, only a professional couples therapy specialist in Durban can efficiently handle.

How Can Relationship Therapists in Durban save a Marriage?

Relationship therapists work by untangling love knots to save a marriage. Through counselling, major and minor relationship issues can be clarified by separating instances that couples can control and the ones they cannot.

With one coach for both spouses, it is possible to unburden sufferings and lighten the marriage. Together, a relationship therapist can help families get back together by resolving painful issues. Counselling helps individuals see a brighter side of the relationship and accept each other.

Contact Zakir Mahomedy in Durban for couples counselling and couples therapy.