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Premature Ejaculation Solution

Do you lack self-confidence want to enjoy a fulfilling relationship with your partner? We can help you to achieve a better balance between your body, mind and spirit. Our sessions are designed to teach simple techniques that can help you enjoy moments of bliss and get rid of one of the most embarrassing problems for men – premature ejaculation.

Due to a lack of sexual confidence, a lot of people have to deal with dull sex life. It often leads to problems like premature ejaculation. When you attend the workshops designed by Zakir Mahomedy, you are introduced to a completely new world where you can discover the secrets of deeper intimacy. He also provides effective premature ejaculation solutions that help you to enjoy fulfilling sex life.

Rediscover Love and Intimacy by Treating Premature Ejaculation

Sexual problems are often taken lightly. But, premature ejaculation solutions can help to deal with these problems in an effective way. Our sessions include different types of massages, yoga and breathing techniques that help to gain greater control over your body and mind. We help people to reconnect with their sexual as well as sensual nature by recognizing the natural flow of energy within their body.

Different types of tantric massages are also taught to create better understanding between partners. It creates a harmonious relationship where issues and vulnerabilities can be easily faced. Couples also develop the ability to find ways to resolve long-standing problems. As they gain self-confidence and boost their self-esteem, sexual problems like premature ejaculation are handled easily.

Benefits of Our Program

If you have always desired a great sex life and want to reconnect with your partner, it is a good time to enrol in our program. We will help you to discover the secrets to multiple full-body orgasms and reignite the lost intimacy. If you are worried about premature ejaculation, we provide premature ejaculation solutions that will help you to completely cure this problem.

As you take part in our sessions, you will discover sensual and sexual confidence in your body. The problems of premature ejaculation will also disappear. Slowly you will learn the meaning of heart-based sacred sexuality. It will also help you to come out of past traumas, guilt and shame.

Zakir Mahomedy is a renowned NLP Lifestyle coach who focuses on the holistic development of an individual. As a certified Body Talk Practitioner, he ensures the physical and mental well being of his clients. With his extensive knowledge of sexual well being, he offers successful premature ejaculation solutions for people who deal with premature ejaculation problems. To know more about our services, get in touch with us at +27 (0) 79 786 5257.