Life Coach Durban - Zakir Mahomedy

Life Coach in Durban

Zakir Mahomedy is a life transformational coach who focuses on the Whole Body Approach, or holistic approach to provide extraordinary solutions. A Certified Body Talk Practitioner, Zakir specializes in integrative healthcare and professional NLP. He is not just a life coach in Durban but also a speaker and healer. Zakir’s approach towards life is transformational. As a life coach in Durban, he believes that the premise of empowerment lies within. Hence, it is essential to change those inhibiting patterns and limiting beliefs that keep people stuck. Because of stuck energy, there is blockage, illness, and disharmony in people. Happy and healthy are the ones who create strong, coherent, and productive families, workplaces, communities, and nations. Zakir uses Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), group coaching, powerful questioning, and other healing techniques to assist people with:

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Increased confidence
  • Healthy and meaningful relationships at work and professionally
  • Finding the meaning and essence of life
  • Use passions for creativity both professionally and personally
  • Attract abundance
  • Break free from old patterns and habits that could be potentially sabotaging
  • Invoke a sense of spirituality and alignment with the divine forces
  • Live in the moment with the correct intention and mindfully

Zakir Mahomedy is a life transformational coach who addresses the wholeness of the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. He is based in Durban. He now works with individuals as well as corporate groups and mid-sized businesses in Durban.

What makes Zakir different?

  • Zakir, a life coach in Durban, is creative, unconventional and interesting
  • He is joyful and radiant, which helps him connect with his clients easily
  • He is strong within and it reflects in his work
  • He is wise and insightful
  • He is inspiring

What can you expect from a session with Zakir Mahomedy?

  • You can identify your goals clearly – see where you want to go in life and work towards it
  • Discover the driving force in your life and make sure all your thoughts, habits and actions support it
  • Evaluate the priorities in life and the level of achievement in those key areas; focus on how it could be better with a life coach in Durban
  • Overcome all limiting obstacles and beliefs that are preventing you from moving ahead in life
  • Make the first move towards change and improvement
  • Stay focused and choose quick winning strategies for long-term goals
  • Visualize all dreams coming true
  • Explore deep within to look for future goals with honesty and integrity
  • Align the body, mind, and spirit to become more focused and present

Today, Zakir Mahomedy is a leading life transformational coach in Durban, motivating clients to live a better life free from mental struggles and obstacles.