Full Body Energy Orgasm

Full Body Energy Orgasm

The modern world is extremely complex and people hardly spend time with themselves. The little pleasures of life are also hard to find. Relationships too are strained. If you face any of these issues, we can help you to lead a better life with our training programs and workshops. Our sessions are designed to focus on your mind, body and spirit. Learn the technique of energy orgasm to enjoy full body orgasm and awaken the hidden sensual pleasures in your life.

Reignite the Passion with Energy Orgasm

Energy orgasm is different from what you would associate with sexual orgasm. Although similar in nature, it is a stronger feeling that seems to encompass every part of your body and offers a full body orgasm. It acts like a drug that slowly spreads and overwhelms your senses. It not only helps to release stress and build confidence, but it is also a great way to increase intimacy in couples.

Zakir Mahomedy is a sex and relationship coach who specializes in teaching effective techniques that help you to achieve energy orgasms that lead to full body orgasms. Our classes will allow you to experience moments of unthinkable bliss, with or without your partner.

Experience Full Body Orgasm and Rediscover Bliss

When you participate in these programs, you will learn a lot of things like the fundamentals of orgasmic breathing. It will also help you to understand how breathing can be effectively used to reach altered states of consciousness and reveal your inner strengths. To reach an energy orgasm you also need to master yogic breathing methods. It can bring about wild, blissful arousal and full body orgasm.

If you have any negative emotions revolving around your sexuality, we can help you to come out of it. Whether you feel shame, fear, guilt, numbness or the lack of arousal, our methods help to cultivate and circulate sexual energy. To enjoy the greater sensation, we will also teach you to open up your energy pathways.

Benefits of Energy Orgasm

To identify and discover profound orgasmic bliss, we design programs that help you to connect with your partner at a deeper level. You also learn to utilize sexual energy to vitalize yourself. Here’s what you can expect from these sessions.

  • Learn the true meaning of energy orgasm and how to achieve it
  • Develop energy to sustain intense and longer orgasms
  • Enjoy a fulfilling sex life
  • Be confident about your body
  • Experience greater self-esteem while connecting with others

Zakir Mahomedy is a certified Body Talk Practitioner who specializes in organizing energy orgasm classes. With an intention to eliminate negativity from your life, he teaches highly effective methods that can completely change your life. His unique skill set also facilitates exceptional healing. Get in touch with Zakir at +27 (0) 79 786 5257.