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Energy Healing

Why Energy Healing is Crucial for Mental, Physical & Spiritual Wellbeing?

Energy healing is a holistic natural healing practice that stimulates the subtle energy system and removes blocks. As an energy healer, I worked with many clients in Durban by breaking through these blocks that interferes with the body’s innate ability to self-heal.

What is Energy Healing?

The human body is a rechargeable battery that derives energy from the Universe and the Earth. While the Earth helps us heal and provides survival necessities, the Universe connects us to the spiritual energy, which keeps bodies moving. The constant flow of energy from head to toe, reaching our minds, can be channelized. That is what I do.

As an Energy Healer, I believe that the energy flowing within the body can naturally heal itself. My energy healing in Durban practices are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with modern science and physics. Reiki, meditation, Crystal healing, and Chakra Balancing are all natural healing techniques that focus on activating the blocks.

The principle of energy healing in Durban is based on scientific subjects. The core of energy healing lies in “good vibes” or vibrations on a higher frequency, which makes you feel the effervescence.

Humans and places have similar positive vibes. Imagine walking into a room filled with infectious laughter and joy – you would feel like spending some time there. Likewise, the beach gives you light vibes due to its salt water, and salt is a natural energy cleanser. The beach air, too, has higher frequency. But, when you enter a place where there was a fight couple of hours back, you can feel the dense energy and negativity.

Natural Healing and Spirituality

It is not necessary to understand the concept of energy healing before diving into the practice. Any time would be a good time to visit your energy healer in Durban.

When you are depressed, stressed, physically drained, or anxious, an energy healing session in Durban can make you feel more relaxed and balanced.

In fact, natural healing is for everyone. You do not have to be spiritual or a follower of spirituality to enjoy the benefits of energy healing in Durban.

Benefits of Energy Healing in Durban

  • Sound mind and body
  • Complete relaxation and comfort
  • Reduced short-term pains and aches
  • Decreased intensity of pain
  • Improved quality of life
  • Balanced and harmonious
  • Positive thoughts

Choose your energy healing modality in Durban and get rid of all your troubles in life.