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Couples Tantric Healing

A new way of finding inner peace, love and harmony with oneself is through tantric healing practices. We help you to learn this effective technique through our sessions and workshops. We also arrange special workshops dealing with tantra for couples. Organized by renowned NLP Lifestyle coach, Zakir Mahomedy, these sessions are designed to bring about the perfect balance between your body and mind.

How Does Tantra for Couples Work?

Every couple goes through a challenging period in their relationship. To acknowledge the fact is the first step towards the creation of a harmonious relationship. We help couples to mend their problems and gain a deeper understanding of their relationship.

Tantra for couples aims to tear down the obstacles created within us. It opens your heart to allow the new light of enlightenment to seep in. The course is designed for couples who want to understand each other and find new ways to create a balance between the heart, mind and body.

Benefits of Tantric Healing

There are plenty of benefits of tantric healing. It not only restores communication between the partners, but it also helps to build trust. This enables couples to cherish each other and mutually safeguard their vulnerabilities. Moreover, issues are thoroughly discussed to let go of negative perspectives and couples get a chance to start afresh.

We teach couples to give and receive love from each other. This increases their self-confidence and eventually leads to sexual satisfaction in both partners. Finally, our tantric healing techniques synchronize the goals and desires of both partners. This leads them to a unified path of love and compassion.

What Does Tantra for Couples Teach?

During our workshops and sessions for couples, you are expected to learn various techniques that will make your relationship happy and fulfilling. Here’s what you can expect from our classes.

  • Development of conscious and receptive communication between partners
  • Learning the art of conscious and loving touch
  • The ability to be emotionally aware of each other
  • Allowing yourself to feel and expose vulnerabilities
  • Remove the obstacles in your relationship and make way for a fresh beginning
  • Discover the power of sexuality to sustain self-growth

Enjoy the Power of Tantric Healing

Tantric Healing helps people to appreciate the vastness of love and gratitude. During tantra for couples classes, different types of exercises and meditation techniques are used to enhance intimacy. It creates a sacred space and teaches the importance of a balancing massage that eventually creates harmony in any relationship.

Experience the best of tantra for couples and tantric healing at special classes organized by Zakir Mahomedy. As a certified body talk practitioner, he focuses on a holistic approach to finding solutions to your problems. He is a professional NLP coach who continues to improve his skills and enhance his knowledge base to offer the best tantric services.